Friday, March 30, 2012

Successfully Donated To Hospital University Malaya

In 11.03.2012

The Chinese Assembly Hall was full with member and they wore white and red color uniform of Myanmar Blood Donor.

In 10:00 Am , The ceremony of First Blood Donation was start launch. Before they Launch, The chair man of Organization , Patrons , Organizer , Secretory and Members are sound outed for their organization of Youth Philanthropic organization. At 11:00 Am . The group of Donors were treated with " Briyani Rice " and soft drinks . Then they start donated to Hospital University Malaya ( Pataling Jaya ) .

Do you seen before the photo that donors are queuing to donate blood we shown below.

The Patron of Myanmar Blood Donor Organization Professor Doctor Si Lay Khine .

Queuing up and testing to donate blood.

Many hundred of members are waiting for Donate.

Doctors and nurses were very busy in this ceremony.

Then they donate.

Filling form and registration before donate blood

Smiles are innocent for their blood.

Tomorrow we have to work but we can donate today and when we can.

Organizations treat the donors by Brand chicken Essential Liquid , Milo , Juices , and medicines

We donated to the Hospital University Malaya for 100 blood pack and above.

Dear visitor,

        When you free to visit or when you like to know about our organization , kindly visit our office at No-118 ,Jalan Tun H.S Lee , 50000-KL . Or contact our information number to 0124468842.

       If your are a donor , please follow our ceremony announced that our updated.

       If you a police to inspecting our members , kindly call us to help and get information from official organizers. We will settle for our members.

                    " Although we have to work tomorrow , we will donate today ".



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